vrijdag 9 december 2022

Some fresh Lunamaria Hawke stuff for the collection

 Mandarake opened up EMS again to Belgium, so I jumped in and ordered some Lunamaria Hawke items I had my eye on for months now.

But which I didn`t order as it would be way to expensive through DHL...

Now, as you can see in the clip below, it ain`t epic loot, but those gachapon models are a pain to find to try and collect them, in order to get every Lunamaria Hawke figure ever made.  So this time, I obtained the SEED Heroines series 3 trade figure of her, as well as a mini-poster.

But, that is at least one more of the "to get" list, and the mini poster is a nice bonus to go on the walls here.

The only thing though, how HUGE was that box! 

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