vrijdag 2 december 2022

Food Wars volume 4 - Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki

 Megumi is about to expelled, but Soma doesn`t stand for it, and has challenged one of the instructor's at camp to a cook off duel.

But can they stand up to such a culinary monster?

Chef Shinomiya refuses the duel to negate the expellation, but his fellow chef Dojima interferes.  He makes sure the challenge does take place, but with the exception that Megumi and not Soma has to be the chef, Soma only allowed to help her as a sous-chef.

But his experience and skill make sure that everything gets done right on time, allowing Megumi to make a truly delicious dish, and impressing the other judges as he goes.  But it isn`t enough and they loose the challenge, facing exclusion.  Chef Dojima intervenes, putting the harsh truth to Shinomiya, that now that he has reached the top, he is stagnating.  He tastes Megumi's dish, and starts crying as it remember him of his childhood, and putting his vote to her dish, causing the expulsion to be revoked as the duel ends on a tie.

Both saved, Soma never the less curses the fact he actually lost to an experienced chef.  But no time to stress, as their next assignment depraves them of sleep as they need to design a breakfast worthy of the institute's elite hotel.  But as Agiri, Megumi and others pass both the taste and the servings tests, it seems Soma is failing as he is nowhere near the required 200 servings to pass and time is running out...

Okay, now that is a cliffhanger, time to move to the next volume to see if he gets out of this pickle!

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