donderdag 1 december 2022

November 2022 Loot: another manga filled month

 One more month to go of this first year of sharing my anime loot with you all, and preparing for a hefty end sprint of the year as such.

But november has been a nice month as well, so let's have a look at what I obtained.

And here are as always the links where applicable:

Pikachu Pez Dispenser: this came from the American Dream candy store in the Wijnegem Shopping Center.
Gigant 9, Haru 4, Deadman Wonderland 1, Thunderbolt 1, Divine Garment 1, Slime 10, Blue Period 1 and 2: all these manga came with my monthly box from Archonia.
Blue Period 3 and 7: these where taken along from the NendoAddicts store in Antwerp.
Terra Formars 10: I picked the next instalment of this awesome series up at Mekanik Strip.
Date a Bullet boosters, Kurumi promo: these I acquired through Cardmarket
FCLC, Densha Otoko, hentai: these came from a seller I got to know through Facebook and now let's me pick from his stock before he lists them.

So this was yet another good month.  Now, with the final month and the holiday season approaching, including a city trip an all, the final loot will be another heavy showing for sure, so check back next month!

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