maandag 5 december 2022

Zeta Gundam 1/400 scale gachapon

 Zeta Gundam, or Z Gundam for short, is probably my third favorite gundam series after SEED Destiny and 00.

So it was more then normal that I painted up the titular suit for use in wargames.

This 1/400 scale bottlecap figure as such got the touch up treatment, and now it is ready to bring justice to the solar system at the hands of Kamil Bidan, perhaps the most tragic hero of the whole franchise, ending mentally wrecked as we see in ZZ Gundam afterwards.

I aways liked the design of this mecha, with it's elongated faceplate and how it's transformation parts blend in nicely in the mecha form.

So that is another one finished to play MechaTop with, bar a octagonal base, but those aren`t uber necessary, just handy to help out measuring arcs after all.


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