dinsdag 6 december 2022

My Hero Academia volume 4 - Kohei Horikoshi

 The sports festival continues with a cavalry game, but with Deku having won the first game, he is now the prime target.

But never the less, he manages to form a team with Uraraka and Tokoyami, as well as hatsume from the Support class.  Now they just need to avoid being captured and lose all their points to the rivaling teams!
But as the other teams go after Midoriya, a silent rival emerges from class 1-B.  Knowing that class A would take the spotlight, they threw the first challenge to observe the other's quirks, and now make their move to put class 1-A down from their pedestal. 

Thanks to Ida, Todoroki obtains Deku's huge points value headband, but as his team has put their faith in him from the beginning, he finally decides to use his quirk and grab a headband back, albeit the worng one.  In the meantime, Class 1-B's plan falls through due to Bakugo being, well, Bakugo as he knocks them singlehandedly of the charts.

Todoroki wins, and Deku would have been eliminated had it not been for Tokoyami who managed to grab another headband, granting them enough points to qualify fourth and proceed just at the limit.  The third stage is a series of duels, but first Todoroki tells Deku who he is, and why he refuses to use his fiery left side.  

Midoriya faces Shinsho in his first duel, a brainwasher, and seemingly through the power of All for One he can overcome the quirk and eliminate Sinsho from the contest.  As the challenges progress and students get eliminated, Uraraka prepares herself mentally to face Bakugo in her match up...

But that challenge will be something for a future volume, as slowly and steadily I`ll be adding volumes of this series into the My Box and ask them for christmas and birthday gifts considering how readily available these are.

It is kind of cool though that in one of the class 1-B characters background items, his hobby is something I grew up with myself as well...

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